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The Florida Association of Meetings and Events, Inc. (F.A.M.E) is a not for profit professional association created to foster and perpetuate high standards in the destination management industry. Our founders were a small group of dedicated women with the desire to teach and share information that would bring more focus, direction, and cooperation to the industry. They agreed that many diverse businesses are involved in servicing the corporate clients who have chosen South Florida for their meetings and events, but it was obvious that there was a need for an open forum for the exchange of ideas and issues in order to improve the overall quality of services and so The Florida Association of Meetings and Events, Inc. was formed.

Now in our 24th year, F.A.M.E.'s original and most basic tenet still stands to support the mutual expectation of all our partners in the hospitality industry to provide the highest level of service and professionalism. We are proud to count among our members destination management companies, transportation providers, specialty vendors, and other professional organizations as well as independent contractors the staff on the front line. Our mission going forward continues to evolve and reflect the feedback of our members, with an emphasis on information sharing. Of most value is our member directory which is designed to foster the work relationship between our independent contractors and business members seeking professional staff.

Whether you are a current member of F.A.M.E or joining our organization for the first time we appreciate your support and invite you to become more involved in planning our future course. If you are not a member and visiting our website for the first time we thank you for your interest and invite you to contact Judy Rosenthal at for more information.

Membership Information
The 2 YEAR MEMBERSHIP fee is $40 for an individual and $125 for a business.

To make a Request for Membership click Here.

For any Membership questions or concerns, please contact
Judy Rosenthal
Board Chair/Co-Founder

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